Protrack Drafter™

Protrack Drafter is a stand-alone automated drafting unit that allows you to draft automatically while you get on with the business of milking.


When you install Protrack Drafter you’ll enjoy:

  • Simple automated two-way or three-way drafting
  • Touch screen or keyboard screen in the pit with easy to use software
  • Ability to schedule drafts from mobile drafting app
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Before Protrack, I’d have to be at the front gate, opening and closing and Hannah had to be round the back of the cowshed, putting the drafted cow in the back of the yard. It added another minute or two onto every row. Now you just open the gate, they wander out and you can carry on doing things on the other side. 
-Greg and Hannah Topless, Taranaki

Benefits of Protrack Drafter:

Simple automated two-way OR three-way drafter

Robust stand-alone system that takes the hassle out of drafting

Easy to use rugged in-dairy touch screen or keyboard screen

No internet connection required

Flexibility with when and where you create drafts

Ability to schedule drafts from mobile drafting app

Remote control for instant drafting of cows with no EID tags

Real time confirmation that drafts are occurring

Simple reports such as missing cows and cows drafted

A low level of computer literacy and training required to get the system up and running

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